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By September 4, 2009Photography

Final shooting finished on my current short film production “Scrabbled Eggs” a week ago, but I haven’t had time to post the photos from our photoshootuntil now as I’ve been busy working on my classmates’ shoots since then. These photos are a few I picked out from the photoshoot we did in Collingwood a couple of weeks back, I’m real happy with how they turned out, mostly thanks to my most wacky friends who were kind enough to be in it :{) This sequence features the two main characters Missy Spelling-It (Eva Pears) and Thesaurius B.I.G. (Ryan Burrett) along with their respective posses played by Texta, Katie, Doushka, Crystal, Ben Hastie, Ben Stegh, Dan and Lachlan. These photos aren’t the exact snaps I’ll be using in the film, or in the exact order, but you get the idea.

After finishing up on other peoples shoots next week I’ll be getting down to the task of post-sync recording, visual fx and music in preparation for editing in early October. The movie has to be finished by the end of October, and there’ll be a cast n crew screening at 303 on High St in Northcote (which was also our location for the cafe in the movie) on the 10th of November.


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