“One’s real life is often the life one does not lead” – Oscar Wilde.

Anna Helme
Writer, Director, Editor
Joshua Aylett
Rebecca Stegh
Motion Designer
Emily Goddard
Maxine McQueen
Annie Last
Frances Farquar
Kelli Jean Drinkwater

Shyness is Nice

16mm. 8 mins. 2011.

For Maxine, a shy young writer, this is true – the pleasure of illusion blurs the line between fantasy and reality, desire is something she cannot articulate in actuality. This gentle, atmospheric comedy looks at romance through the eyes of a librarian, who must become literate in the language of love, or gather dust on the shelf like one of her books. Oh Max, ‘nature is a language… can’t you read?’.

Filmed in the street-art strewn streets of Fitzroy and infused with the colourful d.i.y. zine aesthetic of its protagonist. Dreamily shot on 16mm by D.O.P. Joshua Aylett, it features a soundtrack by local indie faves Patinka Cha Cha (Geryon) and artists from iconic Spanish indie-pop label Elefant and charming performances from Emily Goddard, Annie Last, Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Oscar Zeroscar, Louise Terry & Eva Destruction.