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Bushranger’s Gospel Update

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We just got the photos back from our shoot with Hunter. They turned out! Here is Hunter studiously reading Ned in his impromptu bush schoolroom.


Now we just need to work out which shots to use, and place the text around it. Jennie will be making and hand-binding the books with Marta in the next couple of months.

The Ten Commandments of Bushrangery

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This is a work in progress, a photo-shoot cum handmade-book project for my godson, Hunter. It’s a collaboration between Killer, Jennie and myself, with Ross and Hunter as the unwitting father and son who are come upon in the middle of the bush one day while out on a fishing expedition. Killer and I are the lady bushrangers who kidnap Hunter while his father isn’t looking, and take him into the woods for a few lessons in the art of bushrangery and some schooling in the gospel according to Ned Kelly.

We’re hoping to have the book finished and exhibited some time in 2008.