Fervid Flipbook (10sec, 2008) pokes fun at the stereotypical imagery and predictable body-fascism found in a pile of old gay porn magazines of the 80s. Pornography is often somewhat lacking in humour itself, though there’s plenty of humour to be found.

A 10-second video produced/directed by me and Robbie MacEwan for a project run by the Tape Projects artist run initiative in 2008. Videos by various video artists are printed out as flipbooks to go with a 12″ record of locked grooves created by various sound artists.

Sound is by DJ Rainbow Ejaculation (Rank Sinatra / Victime de Mode / 7U? etc.) – “Carpet Cleaning Professionals”.

The Lock Groove Flip Book set was exhibited at the This Is Not Art festival in Sept/Oct 2008. Read a review by Dan MacKinlay of this amongst other shows, over at RealTime.

Lock Groove Flip Book Exhibition (Tape Projects) photo by Torunn Higgins
Lock Groove Flip Book Exhibition at TINA. Photo by Torunn Higgins

This screened recently as part of the excellent Esky video program in the Schmigloo at the Nextwave 2008 festival.


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