Bangalore Queer Film Festival Callout for Australian Shorts

By December 19, 2009Art Projects
Rabid Tripped-Out Psychedelic Lesbian Koalas

Rabid Tripped-Out Psychedelic Lesbian Koalas

I’m currently putting together a package of queer films from Australia for the Bangalore Queer Film Festival in February 2010. My friend Namita (who I met through the Transmission Asia-Pacific network of online video activists) is involved, so it’s bound to be intelligent, provocative and fun fun fun (read some of her thoughts on Queering Bollywood here or perspectives on porn from the global south here). You can find last year’s program here along with more info on the organisers. It’s a D.I.Y. event, so there isn’t much in the way of screening fees, just the joy of reaching queer Indian audiences with your work!

In terms of the kind of films the festival is looking for – the crazier / more flipped out the better. Suits me! Camp, rude, trashy, experimental.. anything goes, and any kinda queer you like. So with this in mind, the working title for this program will be “Rabid Tripped Out Psychedelic Lesbian Koalas” 😉 First prize goes to somebody who actually makes and submits that as a B-movie! Shorts in particular, but features considered also. Any digital format should be fine.

If you’re interested in submitting something please contact me here via this website. Just let me know title, duration, year produced, and what the film is about. If you have some images, or a copy online, even better, please send me links to those.

It’s very soon, so there’s not much time to get cracking and send me deets on your film!


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