A lo-fi sci-fi short film, an experimental hybrid of documentary, fiction and performance art.

Anna Helme
Writer, Director, Editor
Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Christina Radburn
Lachlan Conn
Rebecca Stegh
Visual FX
Full Credits
Justin Shoulder
Jackson Stacy
Vincent Silk
Nina Buchanan
Kate Helme
Production Designer


RED & Blackmagic. 14 mins. 2014.

In a mythic cyberfeminist universe, a frustrated young man yearns for affinity and connection. In this age of digital avatars, he crafts a version of himself that is far more corporeal – by stitching together parts of himself to become his own cyborg twin, embracing the radical potential to create the self. However his new clone has been corrupted by a techno-magick virus. This Other self embodies a dangerous idea: that there are parts of ourselves beyond our control.

The story plays out in an affective cinematic mode, largely based on a lexicon of imagery and gesture. It features two transgender men, playing a very queer version of their own characters as they perform aspects of themselves onscreen. Throughout the film they are haunted by a chimera, a post-human personification of the desires, fears and possibilities that form who we might be in the future.

The film features a compelling cast of Sydney queer artists and performers. Jackson Stacy is a sculpture and media artist, Vincent Silk is a writer of poetic science fiction and craft-maker, Justin Shoulder is an acclaimed performance artist.

AWARDS: Best Short Film, Queer Streifen 2015. Renegade Films “Most Daring and Innovative Film” Award, VCA Graduate Awards.

NOMINATED: My Queer Career 2015, Best Australian Short MQFF 2015.

SCREENINGS INCLUDE: Frameline 2014, Outfest LA 2014, BFI Flare 2015, Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival, Translations Seattle Transgender Film Festival, Fresno Reel Pride, QueerScreen Film Festival 2014, My Queer Career MGFF 2015, Brisbane Queer Film Festival, SF Transgender Film Festival, Xposed Berlin 2015, Transcreen Amsterdam 2015, Dublin GAZE 2015, Tilde 2015.