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Social Justice and Environmental Video in the Asia Pacific

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From organising international conferences for social justice media makers and free software technologists in Italy and Indonesia, to developing software with programmers in Athens, Los Angeles and New York, to presenting EngageMedia’s work at conferences at Yale and Columbia, and film festivals in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, training videomakers in remote provinces of Indonesia, and collaborating with climate change and conservation campaigns here in Australia, working with EngageMedia has introduced me to vibrant communities working for positive change around the world.
I worked with EngageMedia fulltime 2005-2009 as a driver of the organisation, its strategy and projects in various capacities, developing from a volunteer collective to a thriving international not-for-profit with a diverse funding base. I was President of the Committee of Management for several years. Since 2009 I have continued to work as a consultant for EngageMedia across several technology projects, including Plumi, our open-source video platform.

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