Continental Drift DV Footage

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Things have been very quiet on this blog for months, as I’ve been in pre/production for my short film Continental Drift. Plenty of interesting stories to tell from the process, but for now, while still in post, here’s a snippet about some of the footage we have been collecting for the project.

Most of the film is shot on Super 16mm film, however the protagonist, Adele, shoots video on her DV handycam throughout the film – a comment on how she as somebody with intimacy issues mediates her experiences through the camera, and the voyeuristic nature of being a tourist, as well as a way of getting inside her head as a character. Most of the time the footage is diagetic, inherent to the film, as video she or others is clearly shooting as part of the action. At some other particular times we are using DV footage as emotional atmospheres.

Michael Williams, our wonderful DOP, and myself went down to the bay in Melbourne last weekend to capture some sunset over the water and later the moon, both important textures in the film. Speaking of textures, some of the way the DV camera handles the light on water and other parts of the landscape is just beautiful! Who really needs all that resolution, all the time? This is ungraded, raw DV handycam footage.

Some pictures of our expedition…

Michael Williams, DOP, Fine Art Photographer, Beach Lover

Michael Williams, DOP, Fine Art Photographer, Handycam Appreciator

Critical Commons

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I recently finished another iteration of development on the Critical Commons website, with Andy Nicholson of Infinite Recursion. Critical Commons is an online resource for film educators that pushes the boundaries of fair use (copyright) legislation by making clips from films available with academic commentaries, in both text and audio format. The site, devised by the USC School of Cinematic Arts Institute for Multimedia Literacy, enables lecturers to organise collections of clips and commentaries as lectures for classroom delivery. The website is built on the Plumi software, which was created by EngageMedia – a free open source software project to create a video sharing web application based on the Plone content management system.

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NATO (Northern Arts Tactical Offensive)

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NATO DUCK (35 sec, 2001) is a promo for the Northern Arts Tactical Offensive (NATO). From NATO’s website: ” NATO is a Manchester-based grassroots art collective. Our work as a collective, or through collaborative projects, aims to bring grassroots and underground art dealing with current social and environmental issues out of the confines of its more typical contexts, exposing it to a more diverse and mainstream audience.”

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Rabid Tripped-Out Psychedelic Lesbian Koalas

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The session Kelli Jean and I have been curating for the Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2010, a survey of recent radical gender/queer and trans video from Australia, is finally finished! The festival in on this weekend, wish I could be there in India to see it… maybe next year! Here is a blurb and list of the great films which made it into the program. We’ll announce screenings for Melbourne and Sydney soon.

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Bangalore Queer Film Festival Callout for Australian Shorts

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I’m currently putting together a package of queer films from Australia for the Bangalore Queer Film Festival in February 2010. My friend Namita (who I met through the Transmission Asia-Pacific network of online video activists) is involved, so it’s bound to be intelligent, provocative and fun fun fun (read some of her thoughts on Queering Bollywood here or perspectives on porn from the global south here). You can find last year’s program here along with more info on the organisers. It’s a D.I.Y. event, so there isn’t much in the way of screening fees, just the joy of reaching queer Indian audiences with your work!

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Emcee Battle of the Werdz Nerdz

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Final shooting finished on my current short film production “Scrabbled Eggs” a week ago, but I haven’t had time to post the photos from our photoshoot until now as I’ve been busy working on my classmates’ shoots since then. These photos are a few I picked out from the photoshoot we did in Collingwood a couple of weeks back, I’m real happy with how they turned out, mostly thanks to my most wacky friends who were kind enough to be in it :{) This sequence features the two main characters Missy Spelling-It (Eva Pears) and Thesaurius B.I.G. (Ryan Burrett) along with their respective posses played by Texta, Katie, Doushka, Crystal, Ben Hastie, Ben Stegh, Dan and Lachlan. These photos aren’t the exact snaps I’ll be using in the film, or in the exact order, but you get the idea.

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“SCRABBLED EGGS” currently in pre-production

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Coroner's Report

Image from Newspaper Mock-Up Prop for "Scrabbled Eggs"

It’s 11:37pm on a Friday night and I’m at home working on my film… must be production time! Yes shooting for “Scrabbled Eggs” starts in less than 2 weeks. This is a digital image I just made to use in a mock-up newspaper that the main character, Missy Spelling-It will be reading whilst sitting in the cafe… More soon!

Free Jazz

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Free Jazz (1min 31sec, 2009) is a short film about how far you can push music beyond its boundaries, before it breaks. Emile Ouiseau is an experimental saxophonist who plays such free music that his notes literally escape him. Can he re-capture his errant quavers in time?

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