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My new short film MyMy was just awarded the Renegade Films “Most Daring and Innovative Film” Award at the VCA Graduate Film Awards at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Thanks to Renegade, VCA, and our cast and crew!

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“SCRABBLED EGGS” currently in pre-production

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Coroner's Report

Image from Newspaper Mock-Up Prop for "Scrabbled Eggs"

It’s 11:37pm on a Friday night and I’m at home working on my film… must be production time! Yes shooting for “Scrabbled Eggs” starts in less than 2 weeks. This is a digital image I just made to use in a mock-up newspaper that the main character, Missy Spelling-It will be reading whilst sitting in the cafe… More soon!

Free Jazz

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Free Jazz (1min 31sec, 2009) is a short film about how far you can push music beyond its boundaries, before it breaks. Emile Ouiseau is an experimental saxophonist who plays such free music that his notes literally escape him. Can he re-capture his errant quavers in time?

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CHEAP (6 mins, 1995) is an off-kilter short about consumerism and desire. Two teens on a sugar-rush and a hormone-high, ache for each other across aisles of groceries, in a strange supermarket which is a hotbed of queers and shoplifters. They wanna know what love is – is romance real, or just a fantasy of manufactured appetites?

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Snap! (1 min, 2004). Two ladies playing cards find their cards come to life, leading to a diva-off between the two pairs of femme Queens. Features the marvellous marker-pen portraits of unique women un-dressed-up in their own private environs by Arlene Textaqueen. Snap was commissioned for ARTV, an ACMI/SBS co-production.

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