Production Stills – Shyness Is Nice

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Finally, a chance to post some production stills from my upcoming film “Shyness Is Nice”, currently in post-production. We shot on 16mm over three lovely days in Fitzroy, Collingwood & North Fitzroy. I still can’t quite believe what we got away with shooting in the supermarket during opening hours… here’s a blurb about the film:

“MAXINE MCQUEEN. WRITER. LIBRARIAN. DILETTANTE. TROUBLE-MAKER.”  That’s how Max likes to think of herself. But in reality, she saves her insouciance for the pages of her zine, and is a total geek when it comes to girls. Shyness is Nice is a short film about a quiet type who gently ponders the philosophy of love, while living in a fantasy world where romance and chaos swirl around her, sweeping her into the arms of cute girls wherever she goes. In reality, she is a shy librarian who thinks she is too awkward to ever find love, but maybe there’s a dork like her out there somewhere..

Max (Emily Goddard) & Frances (Annie Last)

Max (Emily Goddard) & Frances (Annie Last)

Ingrid (Kelli Jean Drinkwater) & Calvin (Zero)

Gerry (Paul Bourke)

Some of the hard-working crew... 1st AC (Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard) & D.O.P. (Joshua Aylett)

Production Stills – Ghoulbert Gets Good / Vladimir Von Krow

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I finished writing and directing my first film of the year last week. Just got the rushes back, they look great! After working for 15 years with (mostly SD) video, shooting on film (16mm) is a revelation. The Kodak 500T we used looks grainy but gorgeous. I took the opportunity to be a bit more creative directing the camera than I have previously, using more moving shots, creating a very constructed, yet hopefully dynamic, comic feel.

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Emcee Battle of the Werdz Nerdz

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Final shooting finished on my current short film production “Scrabbled Eggs” a week ago, but I haven’t had time to post the photos from our photoshoot until now as I’ve been busy working on my classmates’ shoots since then. These photos are a few I picked out from the photoshoot we did in Collingwood a couple of weeks back, I’m real happy with how they turned out, mostly thanks to my most wacky friends who were kind enough to be in it :{) This sequence features the two main characters Missy Spelling-It (Eva Pears) and Thesaurius B.I.G. (Ryan Burrett) along with their respective posses played by Texta, Katie, Doushka, Crystal, Ben Hastie, Ben Stegh, Dan and Lachlan. These photos aren’t the exact snaps I’ll be using in the film, or in the exact order, but you get the idea.

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Daniel Gustav Cramer

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Daniel is an artist in residence at the VCA, who spoke to us about his work recently for our Centre for Ideas class. He had lots of interesting things to show, in particular I loved the photographs of a cat he had taken while hiking with friends (which are available on the artist’s website, along with documentation of his other work).

Cat (1), 2006

Daniel Gustav Cramer's Cat (1), 2006

“On December 31 I walked with three friends up a hill in Tuhringen,
near Ilmenau. We found a dead cat lying on its back. Her position 
seemed as if death caught her by surprise in a moment of joy and 
play. In the night, we lightened firecrackers. It started snowing. Next 
day, January 1, we decided to walk up the hill again.”

Cat (II), 2006

Daniel Gustav Cramer's Cat (II), 2006

I found these pictures to be very moving, if somewhat confronting. I showed these photos to M, who found them to be offensive in an exploitative Damien Hirst-esque way, which I understand. It’s a strange thing for an artist to encounter something sad and beautiful, a small observation in the context of the wider world, but the momentous and final events in the existence of this particular cat, and then exhibit this in a way that doesn’t necessarily show full respect to this being. But how do we show this respect, and why? The cat is dead, after all.

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Doctor Fibonace’s Patented Heart Mending Machine

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I had to do a storyboard in photographs for my film school application recently. We were given three topics to choose from, I chose to do it about the topic “x-ray”. I reworked some characters from an idea Jennie Herbertson and I were working on together sometime ago, after being inspired on a windy holiday on the east coast of Tasmania. I asked my muse, Paul Bourke (of Paul Bourke and the Broken Heart) to be in the photos, even before I knew what the story was. He’s my muse I’ve decided, so that’s how it works :{)

Here’s the story in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure:

A bunch of my lovely friends helped out on the shoot, both in it and out of it. Much love going out to them! And the location was provided by the kindly hosts at Forepaw, much adored venue of shitcore Tasmanian bands and art and things u don’t get to see much other places, sadly closing it’s doors soon!

Bushranger’s Gospel Update

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We just got the photos back from our shoot with Hunter. They turned out! Here is Hunter studiously reading Ned in his impromptu bush schoolroom.


Now we just need to work out which shots to use, and place the text around it. Jennie will be making and hand-binding the books with Marta in the next couple of months.

The Ten Commandments of Bushrangery

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This is a work in progress, a photo-shoot cum handmade-book project for my godson, Hunter. It’s a collaboration between Killer, Jennie and myself, with Ross and Hunter as the unwitting father and son who are come upon in the middle of the bush one day while out on a fishing expedition. Killer and I are the lady bushrangers who kidnap Hunter while his father isn’t looking, and take him into the woods for a few lessons in the art of bushrangery and some schooling in the gospel according to Ned Kelly.

We’re hoping to have the book finished and exhibited some time in 2008.