Suzanne Grae and the Katies Live at Everything Must Blow

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SGK just played a benefit for Rebecca Stegh’s upcoming film production – a night called Everything Must Blow, with Casionova, MC Pash and Disco Vortex sharing the bill. The gig was at a great makeshift venue at The Cottage (a house) in Brunswick, including a yurt, a tent, a shed and a treehouse! It was a lovely evening, with proceeds going towards camera hire on the shoot. It was Rebecca’s (Katie Kaos) last show with us on bass… have fun in the Americas, Bec!!

SGK are a band in a bubble at Everything Must Blow (photo by Claire Counsell)

Big thanks to Stitches from Tome Fromme for being our amazing guest drummer for the night! Pretty fantastic considering we didn’t manage to do a rehearsal with everyone in the band before the show! And to the Sportsgirls guest-starring Antz-Pantz too, for dancing up a storm.

Here’s a video on YouTube of the last song in our set – “Get The Cake Out Before We Make Out”:

Here’s the flyer…


A big bargain night of flash and trash for hard and happy times…


FRIDAY 20th FEB 2009
@ The Cottage
38 Harrison St, East Brunswick, Melbourne

off the north end of Nicholson St, just by the Merri Creek
Sale starts 8pm, bands at 9pm til midnight. then DJane til all stock sold out.
$6 concussion / $8 full (figure) donation

Get in early to avoid disappointment.
Cheap bevvies and a variety of new merchandise heavily discounted…

This very special event will be your LAST CHANCE to catch Suzanne Grae and the Katies’ bargain bass-mint bitch and triangle temptress, Katie Kaos, slamming strings, metal and alcoholic beverages before she leaves our shores and the SGK fashion / musical empire. Katie Kaos will soon be exported to Manhattan, NY, USA where she will attend the New York School of Shaped Metal Percussion to study for a 60 Degree in Equilateral Instruments.

We also have special guest drummer Stitches, imported from Australia’s fashion capital, Newcastle, shimmying in for Katie uber Alles who is currently selling SGK bootleg cassettes in Bali.

We may be in the midst of a global fashion crisis, but don’t think about closing down, let Suzanne Grae & the Katies and friends open you right up!!!! Remember: Shoulder Exposure not Business Foreclosure!!!!


SUZANNE GRAE & THE KATIES featuring the Sportsgirls- shitcore sleaze rock – Inspired by their namesake fashion icons responsible for bringing shoulder padded style and geometric glamour to the suburbs of eighties Australia, SGK are a six piece pop group with 6 ft back up dancers playing timeless original tunes. Now with saxophone AND tamborine available only on bootleg cassette.

CASIONOVA – home keyboard extremist – The neatest, sweetest man of the keys this side of the 80s, Casionova will rock your knee-high socks off, topple you off your pogo stick and make your heart pound like Beat Bank Pattern 47.

PASH – lip smackin’ gal rappin’ –this foxy femcee has been rockin’ the mic since she was a teen in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. Pash raps lyrics with substance to fill you up like a protein shake, in a voice as fresh as newly popped champagne. Her debut album is about to smack you sweet on the lips, ears and all around.

DISCO VORTEX – best band ever or some shit – Coerced out of semi-retirement for Everything Must Blow, this legendary duo flashily rap the now over the trash beats of the future.


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