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By February 1, 2010Curation, Film Projects

The session Kelli Jean and I have been curating for the Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2010 is finally finished! The festival in on this weekend, wish I could be there in India to see it… maybe next year! Here is a blurb and list of the great films which made it into the program. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce screenings for Melbourne and Sydney soon.

This program is a survey of recent radical gender/queer and trans video from Australia, curated by Anna Helme and Kelli Jean Drinkwater. “Galactic Sex Wars” rockets us into a futuristic sci-fi world where homos and heteros face off across time and space. “Jorey Corson”, “Ultimate! Dance! Video!” and “Drag Acts” address the performativity of gender, featuring queer and transgender bodies in motion, in masks and moustaches, camping it up in the streets of Berlin, tumbling across an empty sports field at night, inhabiting both the intimate and theatrical. “M.C. G.F.C.” addresses the global fashion crisis, evoking Ru Paul’s “we’re born naked, and the rest is drag”. “With Him of All People” takes a relationship drama into parallel universes of alternate gender. “Procession” is a slice of reality, albeit from a bent perspective, from the Camp Betty weekend of radical sex and politics in 2007, featuring a performative “protest”, aiming to dislocate commonplace demonstration cliches, and generally disrupt the suburbs of Melbourne.

  • Galactic Sex Wars (13:54) – Robbie McEwan
  • Jorey Corson (4:10) – Corey coda & Jackson monsternighttimepower
  • M.C. G.F.C. (4:21) – Anna Helme
  • Procession (6:51)- Anna Helme
  • Ultimate! Dance! Video! (3:31)- Sarakaka and Holly Fluxx
  • With Him of All People (6:24)- Kt spit and Cyd Nova
  • Flipbook (0:10)- Robbie McEwan & Anna Helme
  • Drag Acts (13:32)- Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore & Anastasia Zaravinos
Still from "Galactic Sex Wars" - Robbie McEwan

"Galactic Sex Wars" - Robbie McEwan

Jorey Corson - Corey & Jackson

"Jorey Corson" - Corey & Jackson

Still from "Procession" by Anna Helme

"Procession" - Anna Helme

Still from "With Him of All People" by Kt Spit & Cyd Nova

"With Him of All People" - Kt Spit & Cyd Nova

"Ultimate! Dance! Video!" by Sara Kaka Harro & Holly Fluxx

"Ultimate! Dance! Video!" - Sara Kaka Harro & Holly Fluxx

Drag Acts - Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore & Anastasia Zaravinos

"Drag Acts" - Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore & Anastasia Zaravinos

"M.C. G.F.C." - Anna Helme

"M.C. G.F.C." - Anna Helme

Flipbook - Robbie McEwan & Anna Helme

"Flipbook" - Robbie McEwan & Anna Helme


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  • esther says:

    hey i wanna see this!
    maybe can you screen this here? eh? xxx

    • a.h. says:

      i know i really wanna do one! was thinking of doing it at wrongtown housewives association screening perhaps, but better hurry while the weather’s still warm(ish)! of course if u get a cinema/cocktail bar going, i will screen it there, natch!! meanwhile i’m doing a screening at keg n lucas’s in syds which is great great great, at easter. maybe u should come up if u ain’t flown le coop by then??

  • donna g says:

    Go MCGFC!!!!! hahaha didn’t know you read my nonsense emo scribbles anna! hahahaha!

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