Free Jazz (1min 31sec, 2009) is a short film about how far you can push music beyond its boundaries, before it breaks. Emile Ouiseau is an experimental saxophonist who plays such free music that his notes literally escape him. Can he re-capture his errant quavers in time?

John Maloney in Free Jazz (photo by Florence Holmes)

John Maloney in Free Jazz (photo by Florence Holmes)

This is the first short I made at film school earlier this year, dedicated to my dear little H. I made it for his birthday, but then I gave him a fishing rod, which will no doubt give him more pleasure than this film ;{)

Update: Cutest quotes ever from H after watching the film “I love you and I hope you come back to you again, I loved the movie, Maisey plays the trumpet, I’m thirsty, I love all the bits that have Hunter in them, I want you to guess, I think it was, uh, love how you make movies, goodnight.” However, I can also confirm that the fishing rod still managed to trump it.

Many thanks go to the crew, especially Laura Rinaldi (D.O.P.), John Maloney (playing the role of Emile Ouiseau), Eva Destruction (costume), Kathy Helme (script editing) and the talents and patience of Marian Prickett and Bec Kingma who made the musical notes.


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